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Edouard Athenosy is the object of an eponymous Foundation, in the course of constitution. It proposes to research and gather all information concerning the work and the man, and will endeavour to share this knowledge through exhibitions, publications or conferences.


The entire collected Fund is available for consultation upon request.


All rights relating to the work of Athenosy are reserved.



Guillaume Liffran

Tél : 0033 (0)6 80 72 12 54

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Edouard Athénosy will have exhibited alongside Jules flour, Claude Firmin, Antoine Grivolas, Pierre Grivolas, Paul Saïn, Louis Agricole Montagné, Alfred Bergier, Lina Bill, Léon Colombier, Joseph Hurard, Alfred Lesbros, Joseph Messonnier, Jean pierre Gras, Paul Gaston Déprez et toute l'école des Treize d'Avignon.

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