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Edouard Athenosy

Edouard Athénosy is reserved man who practices a kind of picky oil painting. His miniature landscapes represent  as many revelations about himself, without any real link to provencal art form his time. No matter if they transport us to Italy, Spain or other countries in the world, the journey would be as fulfilling. Though he painted only a few steps away form his home. For this small form factor master, neither time nor space are constraining.

he takes part of many others exhibitions in presents of Jules flour, Claude Firmin, Antoine Grivolas, Pierre Grivolas, Paul Saïn, Louis Agricole Montagné, Alfred Bergier, Lina Bill, Léon Colombier, Joseph Hurard, Alfred Lesbros, Joseph Messonnier, Jean pierre Gras, Paul Gaston Déprez and all the avignon’s academy (groupe des treize / Groupe of thirteen)

Credits : Daniel Kapelian (music & video editing)

From E.Athénosy exhibition in the art show - Take Your Time

Tongyeong Triennale 2022 - South Korea

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